Kanzhun Share Price: Job Seekers and Corporate Users Meet Through Mobile Application


Kanzhun Share Price

Kanzhun Share Price: Job Seekers and Corporate Users Meet Through Mobile Application

Kanzhun share price today is 31.20 USD with a volume of 2,530,792. At the same time, the chart of the stock fluctuates between 29.02 USD – 32.40 USD. Kanzhun share price a most of 44.96 USD and at the least 29.02 USD 1 year. The average volume of the stock is 3,455,811, and it is ranked 12.478B in the MarketCap listings. The target point of Kanzhun share price at the end of 1 year is not clear yet.

Kanzhun Share Price

Kanzhun share price has more than doubled since Kanzhun went public on the NASDAQ exchange 2 weeks ago. Kanzhun raised $912 million from investors including UBS Asset Management and Tiger Global Investments and started trading on the Nasdaq on June 12. The company has sold 48 million American Depositary Shares (ADS) at $19 per share.

Kanzhun’s main backers include tech giant Tencent, JD.com, and Capital Today, a Chinese venture capitalist at NetEase. After the IPO, Capital Today bought a 10.4% stake in Kanzhun, making it the company’s largest foreign investor. Tencent comes right behind Capital Today with an 8.6% stake. Tencent and Capital Today are companies that are popular for placing early bets on some of today’s biggest tech companies. This is promising for Kanzhun stock.

Kanzhun Limited

Kanzhun Limited

Kanzhun Limited operates an internet recruitment platform, BOSS Zhipin, which assists the recruitment method among activity seekers and employers for organizations and agencies withinside the People’s Republic of China. The agency turned based in 2013 and is primarily based totally in Beijing, the People’s Republic of China.

Kanzhun is a company that is not very popular in the USA but is well known by Chinese business people. The reason for its popularity in China is that Boss Zhipin is China’s largest online recruitment platform with approximately 25 million monthly active users (MAU).

In contrast to traditional recruitment techniques, Boss Zhipin aims to bring job seekers and employers together using artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics. Thanks to this algorithm, job seekers and employers can communicate by being matched. This approach, which Kanzhun calls the “direct recruitment model,” has many useful advantages.

The first of these is that the employer and the job seeker will be able to communicate from the very beginning. While job seekers provide more in-depth knowledge and equipment related to the job, employers can learn the information and equipment of the other party from the beginning. This algorithm will save time and increase your efficiency.

In the traditional method, the employer posts the ad, the job seeker sees the ad and creates a CV. On top of that, he may or may not get a response. However, the job seeker is not given a chance to explain himself, or some details are missing from the job offer. The targeted algorithm will ensure that such problems are eliminated.

Kanzhun Stock Reviews and Risks

Kanzhun Stock Reviews and Risks

Although Kanzhun share price has been improving quite well lately, most forecasts suggest that it’s still not at its best. In his research, Kanzhun concluded that China’s recruitment services industry is worth 171 billion yuan in 2020. This market could more than double to reach 446 billion yuan by 2025. Kanzhun’s $298 million revenue in 2020 is 1% of this opportunity.

Kanzhun has many opportunities to make progress. The growth of the company will also positively affect the Kanzhun share price. First, it is ready to switch from offline channels to online channels. The new goals of companies are to save time and increase the efficiency of the recruitment process while reducing costs online. As a result, China’s online recruitment market is expected to grow from 2020 to 2025 at a compound annual growth rate of 32%.

Kanzhun can also grow its market share by using its data advantage and large user base. Boss Zhipin is in a position to have the capacity to grow more companies over time. Naturally, it will be able to attract more job seekers to the platform. Kanzhun can provide more valuable services and increase the revenue streams, thereby increasing Kanzhun share price.

There are certain risks at this point, as in every company, every stock, every trade. Compared to other young organizations, Kanzhun is still an unprofitable company even though it has a fast revenue stream. It looks like Kanzhun will not be able to make a profit for a while as he invests in growing his user base and brand profile. In addition, the company is in competition with other companies. Other companies with which it is in competition can use Kanzhun’s idea and develop it before that and put it into service. Although it has been a good company so far, it is not possible to say clear things about Kanzhun’s future.


What Did Kanzhun Do?

Enter Kanzhun. Leveraging AI-powered algorithms, Kanzhun has constructed an advice engine that suits task seekers and groups inside seconds. This data-pushed technique guarantees that each group and applicants get hold of identical publicity at the Boss Zhipin app. It additionally hastens the recruitment and task-looking system at the same time as enhancing the final results of the system — getting the proper candidate for the proper task.

Kanzhun makes a maximum of its cash via way of means of charging corporation clients for value-introduced services. This consists of paid task postings, messaging tools, and the cap potential to hook up with a couple of applicants at once. Companies also can purchase subscription packages — giving them get entry to extra functions for as much as a year. While Kanzhun’s mobile-first, AI-pushed recruitment platform remains new, it has honestly struck a chord amongst task seekers and employers.


Kanzhun Share Price: Should You Buy Kanzhun Share?

With its tech chops and large user base, we see the company as a competitor to China’s LinkedIn. In addition, when we look at its current position, it is not difficult to understand why it is a fast-developing organization and has a leading position. In addition, the online recruitment market is worth hundreds of billions of yuan, giving Kanzhun plenty of room to grow.

Despite its rapid growth and success, we do not find it appropriate for investors to invest directly without following Kanzhun share price. As a newly listed company, Kanzhun should show itself to us even more. Therefore, it would be much better to keep a close eye on this stock for at least the next few quarters. This observation will give Kanzhun investors the opportunity to make more accurate moves.

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