NIO Stock Price Is Dropping Today


NIO Stock Price Today

NIO Stock Price Today

NIO stock price today per share is 38.62 USD with a volume of 66,031,298. At the same time, its chart fluctuates between 38.07 USD – 39.60 USD. NIO stock price today was a maximum of 66.99 USD and a minimum of 13.53 USD within 52 weeks.  Its average volume is 58,379,125 and it is ranked 63.28B in the MarketCap listings. The target point of NIO stock prices at the end of 1 year is 371.58 USD.


What Is NIO?

NIO is a company located in China. There it designs, develops, manufactures, and sells electric vehicles. The company produces both 5-6-7 seater electric SUVs and sedans. NIO is involved in the provision of energy and service packages to its users and offers marketing, design, and technology development activities.

It provides the manufacture of e-powertrains, battery packs, and components. It also supports sales and after-sales management activities. Additionally, the company offers power solutions, including Power Home, a home charging solution. NIO offers many more services, support, and benefits as a company.

The company was previously called NextEV Inc. However, in 2017, it changed its name to NIO Inc. changed to. They founded China-based NIO Inc in 2014.


NIO Stock Price History

When we analyzed NIO stock price history, it got ahead of NIO stock price predictions and tripled its value in almost 1 year. NIO share price target We are not sure if it was targeting NIO stock price today per share exactly 1 year ago. However, it is a pretty good profit rate for 1 year. On August 17, 2020, NIO stock prices opened at $13.07, closing the day at $14.05. He then made his big move at 20.05 on September 2, 2020.

On October 3, 2020, it opened the day with $27.20, almost twice its opening price a year ago. In June 2021, the stock went beyond the NIO share price forecast to $60. This rise put a smile on the face of investors. When we look at the NIO share price history review, the NIO stock price today per share for June had almost tripled compared to the price in August 2020. NIO share price target is on the rise again in August 2021. This requires a new regulation for NIO share price prediction.

If we consider the remaining period for NIO stock price target 2021, September, October, and November may be lower than the NIO stock price today. According to NIO share price prediction, the next 3-month period may fluctuate between $ 30-33 levels. NIO share price target 2021 could be $34 for December. According to the NIO stock price forecast, we see an overall uptrend for 2022. NIO share prices are currently at $38+. NIO share price target seems to push the $58 level for 2022.

According to NIO stock price prediction, in 2023, NIO stock prices will continue to rise without reducing their momentum. Our NIO stock price target estimate for 2023 is around $80 for the first half.

Is Li Auto Better Than NIO

Is Li Auto Better Than NIO?

On a relative basis, Nio trades at approximately 15x projected 2020 Revenues, Li Auto trades at approximately 12x, at the same time as Xpeng trades at approximately 20x. Of the 3 companies, Nio is probably the more secure bet, thinking about its barely longer song record, better Revenues, and investments in an era consisting of battery swaps and self-driving.


NIO Stock Price 2025

According to the NIO stock price forecast, although NIO share prices may be slightly down in the short term, they will end the year with an upward trend according to the NIO share price target 2021. According to NIO stock price prediction, the process ahead shows green candles for stock. Let’s share NIO stock price prediction 2025 with you, thinking long term. According to NIO share price prediction 2025, we expect a nice long-term increase.

According to NIO stock prediction 2025, the stock may increase by +482.5% to $224,963 in 5 years. According to NIO stock prediction 2025, your investment of $100 today maybe $582.2 in 5 years. When we do NIO stock history analysis, a stock that has risen 3 times in 1 year can realize this increase in 5 years.


NIO Stock Price 2030

According to NIO stock prediction, the next 5 years can bring significant profit. For the NIO stock price target 2023, we expect an increase of almost 87%. We think that NIO stock price today per share will increase almost 4 times in 2023. NIO stock prices will move up 156% from $60.72 to $155.30.

Even the long-term NIO stock price prediction 2030 is in an uptrend. According to NIO stock price prediction 2030, the price will rise to $194.62 by 2030. This means over 300% profit from today. According to the NIO stock price prediction 2030, this stock is an investment that can provide quite a profit in the long run.

From a general perspective, NIO is a very profitable investment for investors. But those considering investing in NIO should be patient. Investment and the stock market is a process that requires patience, not only in the long term, but also in the short term.

What Kind of Company Is Li Auto

What Kind of Company Is Li Auto?

Li Auto Inc. is an innovator in China’s new power car market. The Company designs develop, manufactures, and sells top-class clever electric-powered vehicles. Through improvements in product, technology, and commercial enterprise model, the Company offers households safe, convenient, and delicate merchandise and services.


What Is Li Auto?

Li Auto through its subsidiaries, designs, develops, manufactures, and sells clever electric-powered game application vehicles (SUVs) in China. It gives Li ONE, a six-seat electric-powered SUV that is geared up with various extension devices and clever automobile solutions. The enterprise becomes previously called Leading Ideal Inc. and modified its call to Li Auto Inc. in July 2020. Li Auto Inc. become based in 2015 and is centered in Beijing, China.

How Many Cars Did Li Auto Sell

How Many Cars Did Li Auto Sell?

Nasdaq-indexed Li Auto offered 8,589 gadgets of its Li-One SUV in July, a bounce of 251.three in keeping with cent 12 months on 12 months. It becomes additionally 11.four in keeping with cent better as compared to June.

Li Auto brought a document of 8,589 vehicles, an growth of approximately 11% as opposed to June, pushed via way of means of a robust uptake for its refreshed Li-One EVs. Xpeng additionally published document deliveries of 8,040, up a strong 22% as opposed to June, pushed via way of means of more potent income of its P7 sedan.

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